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From the President

Bobby Steele, Steele's Auto Sales

It is an honor to have been elected to serve as president of your association. I am excited for the future of VIADA, and looking forward to another great year. We have a great group of leaders, dedicated men and women, who work hard to ensure success for the association.                                                           

As I write this, majority control of the House and Senate are up for grabs. This question has a ripple effect through the General Assembly. With majority rule comes the ability to appoint committee leaders. Then will the committees be equal in representation? Hopefully we will have answered these questions.                                                                                                                       

I have served as a state director for eight years. I have to say, that looking back, there has been an amazingly talented group representing VIADA. These being true “doers and thinkers” of our industry. As I look at the new directors coming in, I am convinced that the association will continue on the path of dedicated representation. Our district leaders deserve the same recognition. Participation on the district level is essential. I would like to personally thank each of you for your contribution.

While attending a district meeting, a question pertaining to salvage/rebuilder issues came up. The state office looked into it the next day only to discover that there was more than one issue that needed to be addressed, and quick. It turned out that no law changed, just the interpretation of it. What was standard procedure one day is now not acceptable. VIADA members and directors, DMV representatives, insurance board members, and MVDB representatives were brought together, at the request of VIADA, to work out this problem that affected millions of dollars in inventory. These meetings brought positive results for the dealers involved. A true testament to the fact that your involvement in your district is vital. The districts are the “eyes and ears” of the state. There are zoning issues being introduced in northern Virginia that would have unsavory implications for dealers in that area. VIADA is already engaged and standing with our dealers.

The 57th annual convention turned out to be a very informative gathering. The convention has always been a great source of information consisting of sales and management, and regulatory and legislative issues. I always come back from convention with information I needed and a feeling of renewed motivation. Many thanks to the sponsors who make it all possible. These thanks are for all you do, not only at convention, but also include your support of our districts. I would ask our members to look at the list of sponsors, every name on that list can help your dealership. Looking forward to the 58th in Virginia Beach, and looking forward to seeing you there. 


Bobby Steele

VIADA State President, Steele’s Auto Sales

(434) 239-5587 | bsteele254@gmail.com

Bobby Steele, Steele's Auto Sales

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