The path to a Dealer-operator license begins with a required two-day course of study each month at various community colleges in Virginia with the curriculum and instruction provided by VIADA.

The course takes the attendee from establishing the dealership under local zoning and Dealer Board requirements, through the sales process with its multitude of forms, laws and regulations, in to a sampling of opening and operating expenses, and ending with a discussion on ethics.

The course is open to all existing dealers and their employees.

The course offers 1.6 continuing education credits transferable to any college.

Date College Contact Information
Mar 27-28 Thomas Nelson Comm College, Hampton Registration
Apr 09-10 Lord Fairfax Comm College, Middletown Registration
Apr 23-24 Blue Ridge Comm College, Weyers Cave Registration
May 21-22 Comm Coll Wrkfc Alli @ Reynolds CC, Henrico Sandy Jones
Jun 04-05 Germanna Comm Colleg , Fredericksburg Registration
Jun 25-26 Danville Comm College, Danville Registration
Jul 09-10 Northern Virginia Comm College, Woodbridge Clair Wynn
Jul 23-24 VA Western Comm Coll, Greenville Ctr, Daleville Registration
Aug 06-07 Tidewater Comm College, Suffolk Registration
Aug 20-21 Piedmont VA Comm Coll, Charlottesville Registration
Sep 04-05 Lord Fairfax Comm College, Warrenton Registration
Sep 17-18 Comm Coll Wrkfc Alli @ Reynolds CC, Henrico Sandy Jones
Oct 01-02 Northern Virginia Comm College, Reston Claire Wynn
Oct 22-23 New River Comm College, Christiansburg Jeanne Symanoskie
540-674-3613 ext 4485
Nov 05-06 Blue Ridge Comm College, Weyers Cave Registration
Nov 26-27 Germanna Comm Colleg , Fredericksburg Registration
Dec 10-11 J Sargent Reynolds Comm Coll Sandy Jones

Before attending the Dealer-operator class, the following is recommended:

  1. If you are going to start a new dealership, request a “New Dealer Package” from the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB) at 804-367-1100 (in Richmond 367-1100).

  2. This package will contain a Salesperson and a Dealer- operator Study Guide for you to review. It will also have the paperwork needed to apply for a license and a step-by-step procedure for opening the dealership.

  3. If you currently have a salesperson license, and need to up grade to a Dealer-operator certificate of qualification, you can obtain the Dealer-operator Study Guide from your local DMV Customer Service Center. You will not have to take the salesperson part of the exam at DMV, after completing the Dealer-operator course, only the Dealer-operator portion is required.

  4. If you have access to the Internet, you can go to and select “Dealer and Salesperson”. Then select “Practice Salesperson Test” it will give you ten questions to answer. Select “Take Another Exam” and you will get ten questions that are different. “View Manual” will give you the Salesperson and Dealer-operator Study Guides online.

  5. When attending the Dealer-operator class, please bring pencil or pen and a good calculator with which you are comfortable. Classes start at 8:30 AM and end around 4:00 PM.

  6. The course test will be given at the end of instruction on the second day. You must pass this test with a grade of 80% before taking the final exam at a DMV Customer Service Center. Those who do not pass will be required to retake the course at a future time. An additional fee is required.

Further information may be obtained from the MVDB or the VIADA staff at the above numbers.

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