Curbstoning – The act of selling at the curb without benefit of a license.

Who is a curbstoner? He/She is an individual;

  • That buys vehicles ( may be only one) with the intent to sell them for a profit

  • Who is not a licensed motor vehicle dealer

  • Does not have a local business license

  • Does not pay state taxes

  • Does not pay federal taxes

  • Does not have any overhead

  • Uses property belonging to others for display of vehicles
    (Property owners can be held liable for allowing the display)

  • In many cases “jumps title”, thereby obscuring the identity of the true seller and evading payment of tax and title fees

  • Jumping titles is a criminal offense and can be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor, pay a fine not to exceed $2,500, and be sentenced to not more than 12 months in jail

Under recent legislation the law may now be enforced by local police and zoning departments.


Click here to print the Report A Curbstoner and submit to DMV. (Chrome users: Right-click on the link and select "Save as...")

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